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CMS Electracom are global leaders in Innovative Power & Technology Solutions, enhancing the workplace experience, future proofing your business. Since 1979, we have been driven to continually deliver new and exciting products best suited for commercial workspaces. As new trends arise, we have collaborated with key industry partners to ensure the needs and requirements of users is accommodated at the highest standard.

CMS's mission is to provide inspiring power, charging & technology solutions to the workplace delivered by a passionate team focused on ensuring our clients have a memorable experience globally. Our products are trusted by many global companies, fitted into various applications across the workplace.

"Developing world class business practices and manufacturing capabilities has allowed CMS Electracom to become a major supplier of wiring and power solutions to commercial and industrial clients."

We pride ourself on being proactive in making responsible decisions that will help reduce the negative impact on our environment and are committed in finding better ways to improve our environmental performance in all aspects of our business contributing to sustainable design.

Freedom FR210 Series

FR210 Portable Battery Series allows you to design flexible spaces and furniture to meet the demands for the future of work. It provides the solution of enabling the supply of power anywhere…anytime, without the limitations of needing to core a floor or be tethered to electrical cables in floor boxes or grommets.

Freedom Portable USB Charger

CMS Freedom is a portable USB charger system that features stackable power banks. Each of the power banks are equipped with USB-C & A fast-charging. As a result, Freedom keeps your devices powered up while operating off-site or in a collaborative environment that doesn’t have any fixed outlets for you to be able to plug in to. Upon returning the power bank to the stackable charging base, Freedom recharges wirelessly ready for use the next day.

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