Okamura has been providing high quality products and services to their customers since 1945 under the motto”Quality pays for itself.” This founding spirit is still alive today in the five principles of the company’s creed - creativity, cooperation, frugality, savings and service. Okamura’s strength lies in integrating extensive knowledge and technological expertise from beginning of development to the end of manufacturing, producing products brimming with creative spirit and a modern yet timeless design aesthetic.

As environments surrounding work style and lifestyle have changed over time, so have the requirements for functions in workplace and public areas. Okamura products are being used in various types of space according to their functions.

"Our strength lies in extensive knowledge and technological expertise in many fields, the foundation of creating comfortable spaces for customers worldwide."

Our design team starts with a clear understanding of user needs and how Okamura's engineering, material choices, and design capabilities can be leveraged to meet people where they work. Then, every stage of design — from hand sketches and CAD, to prototyping and production oversight — caters to the needs of real people in real workspaces.

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