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Brands We Represent

A wide collection of textiles and finishes allow companies and individuals to express their corporate brand, and culture, through a unique signature look.

Nook Mobile Pod

Nook is a multi-purpose mobile pod, that enhances whatever you’re doing – from working to dreaming and everything in between. Their innovative design helps improve focus and wellbeing while maximizing your space.

Uhuru Design

Uhuru generated collections in the Smithsonian and Brooklyn Museums among many others, positioning them at the forefront of New American Design and contributing to popularizing the “Brooklyn” aesthetic.


Isomi’s award-winning reception furniture showcases original British design coupled with unrivalled manufacturing capability. They offer a complete solution for reception and public spaces.

BRC Group

BRC Group creates high-quality office furniture to support people while they are engaging with others: conversing, meeting, conferencing, collaborating. Their products support leading organizations.


The Luxo history of lighting for the individual began with the development of the Luxo L-1 task light by Jac Jacobsen in 1937. The freedom of movement and the ability to place the light exactly where it was needed forever changed our working environments.


From concept to completion, Okamura products are brimming with creative spirit and a modern yet timeless design aesthetic. In a world where business happens anywhere/anytime, Okamura creates adaptable spaces that live and grow, and where people can do the same.

Customization At It's Finest

Inspire Contract Group provides creative and innovative customized solutions to complement any environment and use. Flexible manufacturing offers the ability for Inspire to respond to client’s special custom needs rather than having standard catalog solutions. A wide collection of textiles, laminate finishes, and wood veneer allows companies and individuals to express their brand and culture through a unique signature looks.

Storage With Style

Lockers. Hutches & Wall Mounted Casegoods. Towers. Credenzas. Wardrobes. Bookcases. Pedestals.

No two spaces are alike, so when it comes to a workstation, it’s important to provide custom solutions to the specific and varied needs of the space and team working in it.

We are by nature territorial, we love the idea of free address and collaboration, but we still have an inert need to stake out our own little space at the office. Customization is key;

Inspire Contract Group
Design and crafting in a sustainable way! Highly recommend the desks and workstations, they have changed our office environment.
BRC Group
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Inspire Contract Group is headquartered in San Francisco. Our focus is to provide value to our customers by representing a small group of high quality, forward thinking manufacturers relevant to our unique Bay Area market.